My Mid Life Crisis List

There are no wrong choices when compiling your mid-life crisis.  (Excluding illegal and immoral acts).

At the time of writing this I’ve spent 48 years on planet Earth, I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of them and I’m looking forward to hanging around for a while yet.  I am fairly fit, generally watch my weight/diet, exercise regularly and try to look after myself.

However, there’s that persistent little voice in my head which does some rough maths for me and reminds me that, statistically, I have already lived over half of my life and with each passing year the statistics won’t be working in my favour!

I’m generally a pragmatic, positive thinking type of bloke so rather than get all morbid with the approach of my ultimate demise I decided to try and spin it around and turn my ageing into an enabling time, a time to reflect on things I still want to do (before I physcially can’t do them).

I came up with a list of things that I thought needed to be done before I was beyond my mid-fifties.

I’ve already accomplished some of these and I will add them to ManCaveThinking in due course.

My mid-life-crisis to do list includes the following:-

  1. Create my ultimate Man Cave space (inspiration for this blog).
  2. Run a marathon.
  3. Own a 2-seater convertible sports car.
  4. Learn to gap-jump a reasonable dirt jump on my mountain bike.
  5. Comforabley swim front crawl from pier to pier (Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe Pier-1.6 mile sea swim).
  6. Learn to draw
  7. Do something creative/online.
  8. Learn to ollie kick-flip
  9. Learn to ride a Uni-Cycle
  10. Ride Motocross
  11. Ride Enduro
  12. Ride a surfboard and actually get to stand up.
  13. Compete in the MegaAvalanche mountain bike race.


The list is by no means exhaustive and I see it as a “live” document so expect it to change over time.

Don't panic it's just a mid life crisis. Flip it around to a positive time.
Don’t panic it’s just a mid life crisis. Flip it around to a positive time.

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