Top 5 podcasts for men.

Top list of podcasts for men.

I’m addicted to podcasts!  Whether they are from self-help gurus, philosophy, technology through to comedy and political shows.

My commute to work usually takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Initially, I found this tedious, however I then discovered podcasts and this has transformed my commuting experience!

I worked out that every week I spend around eight and a half hours in the car travelling to work.  This was “dead time” to me.  I am pleased to report that I can actually look forward to my time in the car as long as I have a good podcast to listen to.

Learn new stuff whilst stuck in traffic during your commute with these top podcasts for men.
Learn new stuff whilst stuck in traffic during your commute with these top podcasts for men.

I have actually changed some of my daily habits based on what I’ve heard on the podcasts, I’m toying with the idea of making a compliation of what I’ve picked up and writing about it in another post.

Anyway, here’s my pick of the Top 5 Podcasts for men-ladies can listen too, however these are aimed at men.

The Tim Ferriss Show-Podcast

Tim Ferris is probably the “king of podcasts” his podcast “The Tim Ferriss Show” is regularly the #1 business category podcast on itunes and he was awarded the “2015 Podcast Of The Year” by product hunt.

Often ranked as #1 itunes Business Podcast the Tim Ferriss show is a great podcast.
Often ranked as #1 itunes Business Podcast the Tim Ferriss show is a great podcast.

It is difficult to classify his podcasts into one particular category or niche and I believe that this is why his shows have such a wide following (80 million downloads).

Some of you  may be familiar with his books from the The Four Hour… series.  I have read and can thoroughly recommend The Four Hour Work Week and The Four Hour Body.

The Tim Ferriss show started as an extension of Tim’s books;  searching for productivity and life hacks (shortcuts to improving personal, physical and professional lives) by identifying what his guests routines and practices were, however it has grown to be much more than that.

Art Of Manliness Podcast-Brett McKay

The Art Of Manliness is hosted by Brett McKay, the AofM originally started as a website in 2008 and has then developed into a podcast.  Brett has a wide range of guests covering a diverse selection of topics.  Brett asks intelligent and relevant questions and appears to have read the books or understands the works of those he is interviewing.

The overall theme of his site and the podcasts is to try and define what being a man is in todays societal context, so taking the best parts of traditional “manliness” such as resourcefulness, practical abilities and a “can do” attitude.  Having said that, the will then tackle relationship topics with a modern day twist.

All in all a balance of traditional and modern thinking giving a more defined framework to the art of being a man in the current age.

The Art Of Manliness is more than just a podcast-see the website for merchandise and more.

A combination of traditional manliness meeting current day thinking makes the Art Of Manliness a compelling podcast for men.
A combination of traditional manliness meeting current day thinking makes the Art Of Manliness a compelling podcast for men.

The School Of Greatness Podcast-Lewis Howes

As a typical British Generation X bloke-I nearly didn’t make it past the first few minutes of The School Of Greatness podcast because us Brits are naturally wary and suspicious of evangelical sincerity, self-help and the Mr “I AM” syndrome, however and it is a big HOWEVER, get past this and I think that Lewis Howes is a genuine bloke with a natural talent for getting his guests to relax and then asking deep and perceptive questions on a massively diverser range of topics.

After listening to over 40 of Lewis’s podcasts, I really do enjoy them and I now believe that what I took for Star-Spangled-Banner-US of A-Cheesiness is actually just the way that a lot of Americans do things and maybe it’s a reflection of  my own world-view and perspective that I perceive it to be a negative thing!

So, if you are a Brit I would recommended looking beyond the title and opening soundbites-if it was British it’d probably be called something like “The Place Where You Might Be Able To Improve A Little Bit (But You’re Probably Doing OK Anyway And I Wouldn’t Want To Offend You) Podcast)”.

So, I now fully embrace the theme and sentiment of the podcast and genuinely believe that Lewis is a good egg and is naturally warm and sincere.


Waking Up-The Sam Harris Podcast

If you find mainstream media to be a mind-numbingly, bland, vacuous, increasingly popularist and one-dimensional then I would prescribe a healthy dose of Sam Harris Podcasts as the anti-dote.

Covering a wide range of topics from Artificial Intelligence, Religion, Gun Laws through to Meditation and Philosophy-Sam Harris and his guests will unwrap layer upon layer, pulling at threads and taking their listeners into a disquieting, strangely addictive podcast experience eliciting anything from interest, outrage, anger, hope, fear, curiosity, humour, bemusement and more often than not a simmering pot of confusion containing all of the above!

There are times when I will start an episode with my own personal belief/perspective/opinion only to feel that solid foundation start to subtly shift, tip and change direction.  Surprisingly, I have discovered that having my personal beliefs and world views challenged and then having to shift my perspective to accommodate the new insight that Sam and his guests sometimes elicit to be strangely and frustratingly liberating!

The Waking Up podcasts can be long-over 2 hours sometimes-and to get the best out of them I have found that I need to focus to be able to follow the twisting threads and logic of the conversations and debates.  I occasionally have difficulty at maintaining this focus if I am driving in heavily congested traffic.

Sam has written several books and is a big proponent of meditation and it was following his appearance on the Tim Ferriss podcast that I decided to start meditation as a daily practise-so thank you Sam and Tim!

Additionally, it is generally the only podcast I listen to which occasionally necessitates the use of a dictionary to look up a new word or two!

The Moth Podcast

Real, unscripted stories told by real people on stage.  The Moth podcast always delivers something to my day, whether it’s hearing about the time a driver picked up a hitch-hiker and had to kick him out of the car due to inappropriate sexual suggestions-only to discover at a later date that it was more than likely a predatory serial killer or the black woman looking for a man to love, who became a white witch leading to her finding the love of her life who happened to be a woman!

The length of the stories range from 10 minutes through to 15 or 20 minutes.  They will elicit real emotion, empathy and humour and leave you feeling more connected with humanity.

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